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13 Easy Steps

How to Host a Regional Meeting at Your College

1. Set the date.

2. Secure the location.

3. Determine topics and perhaps a “theme” for the day.

4. Identify possible presenters/facilitators—involve a variety of
space speakers from inside and outside your organization.

5. Develop and finalize the schedule for your meeting

6. Determine menu for lunch. Reminder: ICCET will reimburse
space up to $300 for the food cost. Download and submit a Regional Meeting Fund Request Form.

7. Send your meeting details to the ICCET Professional Development Chair to be added to the ICCET Calendar & Web site.

8. Devise a marketing calendar so you have a plan for sending out
space e-mail reminders about your meeting to the members.
space Hint: a good rule of thumb is every two weeks until a month out,
space then every week.

9. E-mail your first meeting notice to the ICCET listserv.

10. Put together a firm agenda for your meeting and send out to your
space attendees well in advance of your meeting. You might want to consider
space including portions of your agenda in the marketing emails you send out
space in the weeks prior to your meeting.

11. Confirm with speakers and special guests.

12. Send out a final email with directions to your campus/building.

13. Host a great regional meeting!